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“Virginia is 100% trustworthy and reliable. In the past five years that I have been working with her, I have never been disappointed. Sympathetic and attentive, dedicated and dynamic. I really recommend her service.”  Antje, Villa owner in Valbonne.

I have used Virginia’s services to help me with my two small children often over the last few years and she is nothing short of a modern Mary Poppins. Kind, organiséd, and confident with the children they listen to her every word. She has a fantastic manner with them, taking such time to listen to them and play with them- they love her.  During an emergency trip to hospital last year Virginia moved into my house and took the children to school, their activities and did an excellent job I would highly recommend her to any mum or dad.”  Emma one of the Mum’s”

Virginia has been working with us for four years. Polyvalent and independent, not only did she take complete care of the kids, but also did awesome housekeeping, including laundry, ironing.

She is very reliable and goes an extra mile to assist in personal tasks, like going to the post office, doing groceries , shopping and paperwork. There is no task she can not deliver, she always make sure everything works, by outsourcing specialised companies or by taking extra employees.

Our relationship is based on confidence and our kids love her so we do not hesitate to leave the kids with her while we go on a short trip. Lucie one of the Mum’s

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